Built, won’t be released

@review-team We have an issue with building this specific snap that is now connected to GitHub. It builds fine with no errors, but won’t show up at all in the old dashboard as a new version. There is no anything to tell us what’s wrong. We connected our other snap that is almost the same code and the same yaml but it builds in the cloud just fine.

snapcraft.yaml file : https://github.com/ClueMaster-LLC/MediaDisplay-MPV/blob/aaa4aba5232254f68f6cc2219f894e23f80cb71a/snap/snapcraft.yaml

The snap successfully builds, however… It makes no sense. We build this same snap on our desktop locally and it builds fine as well and works when we push it to snapcraft store.

Result: Built, won’t be released

Snapped cluemaster-mediadisplay-core_2023.09.20_amd64.snap
e7573567b64edcb3c105f75825055d4314f67a3429049a55755378e2e9b57d318bd1b511ad3946f09bb085235611c32bb3e10329065211209bd84fa13a074122  cluemaster-mediadisplay-core_2023.09.20_amd64.snap
Revoking proxy token...
RUN: /usr/share/launchpad-buildd/bin/in-target scan-for-processes --backend=lxd --series=focal --arch=amd64 SNAPBUILD-2236333
Scanning for processes to kill in build SNAPBUILD-2236333

@ogra would you know what could cause this? Maybe you have seen it before when building snaps in cloud?