Built, failed to release

I have experienced twice in the last 48 hours that the system at build.snapcraft.io has marked two architectures as “Built, failed to release”. Yet it seems like the version is still available to be assigned to a channel at https://snapcraft.io/fiduswriter/releases . I tried installing the amd64 one locally, and it seems to work. I am a little confused - is it safe to assign them to a channel or should I rebuild first? Also, is there anything I can do on my end to have the release go through more often?

Hey again,
this is happening all the time now. But instead of showing up in the release list anyway, the build just never shows up anywhere. All I can do is trigger another manual build. But then it builds for all the platforms, which it really doesn’t need to do. And it means I need to sit around waiting for hours.

Hi there,

Let me not first that the link to releases shared is only viewable by the publishers, a link to the build jobs might be more useful.

If you are only interested in a couple of architectures, then you probably want to set the architectures keyword,

Hey @sergiusens,
there is nothing in the build log I don’t think. The builds went. The problem is the release. I am interested in all the architectures. But they just randomly fail. This morning amd64 failed to release and never showed up. And then all I could do was start the build of all of them again after waiting 2 hours.