Builds don't pull latest source version

I have a snap which uses the maven plugin with a git repo.

I’m make code change on my local laptop, pushing them to git hub and then running

snapcraft prime

I’m expecting the build process to check for updates on the github repo, but it doesn’t seem to.
the only way I can find for it to get the latest source is to do a snapcraft clean.

What am I doing wrong?

With snapcraft prime you are executing the second last phase of the process, copying all the resource files together so that they can be snapped.

No new changes are added here at all, it uses files that it currently has cached.

If you only want to build a specific part, you can do “snapcraft clean partname” to clean its cache, and run “snapcraft” again.

Its also always recommended to do a “snapcraft cleanbuild” too.

I guess I was expecting some intelligence.

I just tried
snapcraft pull

even this won’t pull from git if its already done a pull despite there being changes.

I guess I can see that with some pull sources you can’t get delta information.

It would be nice however it it could do deltas were the source was an actual revision control system such as git.

Builds don’t even seem to notice if you edit a file in the build directory, something that even ‘make’ manages.