Building via github weblink (different snapcraft binaries?)

I am trying to build the freeorion snap in a new way.

I had it building locally on a machine. After a while I switched to remote build because that gave me less troubles. I think local build somewhen did not work anymore (after the virtualisation scheme i used was dropped by snapcraft). Now I want to build using the build functionality on the page. So I started recreating a snapcraft.yaml which works there.

So the build on seems to use different snapcrafts(?). It seems it used bionic as a base until and then afterwards used xenial (where the snapcraft binary is too old to support my snapcraft.yaml) e.g.

I am not aware that I changed anything which should trigger such a behaviour. Can I somewhere configure this? How can I build with a current snapcraft?

edit1: Opened an issue against issue-3443

snapcraft will default to using a xenial base (to target the core base snap). It will only use a different distro if you specify either of base or build_base (the latter being less common and is meant for building a base snap). To get your build to run on bionic to target core18 you need to add the following to your yaml:

base: core18

it has already base: core18

name: freeorion
base: core18

so if base: core18 is supposed to trigger a bionic snapcraft build, this looks like a bug to me. Should I open an issue somewhere? Against which component?

Looking at the information about the two builds (build 1318598 and build 1318603 on Launchpad), it does look like a bug. For the two revisions built, you’ve got base: core18, but it has chosen a different container image for each build.

This probably is a problem on the side rather than Launchpad, since I believe that’s the part that instructs Launchpad how to run the build.

Opened an issue against issue-3443