Building go projects broken since yesterday

I filed a bug for this with more detail. Put simply, go projects which haven’t changed upstream, nor my snapcraft.yaml changing have stopped building correctly, giving this error:-

package context: unrecognized import path "context" (import path does not begin with hostname)

It’s not limited to one project and happens locally, in cleanbuild / lxd, and on launchpad. Anyone else seeing this?

It eases me a bit to know that a stable base worked one day and now doesn’t. The error surfaced is purely from the go tool and it basically means that something is at odds with the sources in GOPATH or GOROOT [stackexchange ref]

context is part of the checkout sources

Seems one of the source units,, a dependency of your project, has a relative import meaning it should be expected in the std lib which coincides with the last commit there which means you need go 1.7 to build.

Mystery solved!