Building an Ubuntu Core appliance image

I wrote a little walk-through about creating single-purpose appliance images with Ubuntu Core. Since i think this might be helpful for others i’ll leave a link here …


Hello Ogra,
Thanks for detailed post
I was trying to build image following instructions at this link.
I have couple of questions, it will be great if you can clarify.
1- snapcraft command was giving error related to device tree . It was observed that snapcraft,yaml has line - grep linux-image|grep Filename|tail -1| sed ‘s/^Filename: //’)" ( should it be linux-module or linux image?)
2- in gadget.yaml we are using pi3 gadget and in snapcraft.yaml ubuntu 18 is mentioned (version: 18-0.1).
Am I suppose to change snapcraft.yaml entries to 16?

Thanks in advance & regards.

i think the devicetree files moved to linux-modules very recently (i had issues in other areas just last week due to the moving of the config and files too), so i guess your assumption is correct, replace the package name in that line please …

the original post was describing a core16 image, since then core18 has released. if you target core16 you should indeed switch the gadget to be a core16 one, else go with core 18 but adjust your model assertion to use base: core18 and kernel: pi2-kernel=18