Building a snap in destructive mode


I tried to build the LXD snap using the following commands inside an LXD container:

git clone
cd lxd-pkg-snap/
git checkout remotes/origin/4.0-candidate
snapcraft build --destructive-mode

Compilation went fine (no errors) but I cannot find the snap file anywhere that should have been the final result of the build.

These are the last lines of snapcraft's output:

Skipping build snap-query (already ran)
Skipping build squashfs-tools-ng (already ran)
Skipping build vim (already ran)
Skipping build xfs (already ran)
Skipping build xtables (already ran)
Skipping build xz (already ran)
Skipping build zfs-0-6 (already ran)
Skipping build zfs-0-7 (already ran)
Skipping build zfs-0-8 (already ran)
Building strip 
Building wrappers 

Do I need to run an additional step?


you only executed the build step, not a full snap creation process…

try instead running a full lifecycle, not just one step:

snapcraft --destructive-mode
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Thank you, it works!

Thought build was equivalent to giving no argument at all.

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