"Build with Github" => can't trigger new build

I am using “Build with github” for 6 packages:

My problem: I wasn’t able to trigger any new build since a week. I don’t know why. Do you have any ideas?

My hypothesis: maybe I triggered too many build a week ago. I updated my own multimedia library:

and all the snap configurations of all games depending on it. I did it 3-4 times because of errors. I probably triggered too many build (~16). Maybe my account is now legitimately frozen for a few days?

Do you have any guesses why I can’t build anymore?

A new build is triggered only on “Dependency changes”, but never on “Commit” or “Manual build”

I still can get anything built. I even tried to remove and add back my repository. Even the initial build doesn’t start.

I solved my issue myself. For future readers:
It turns out the website do not output any errors when it can’t parse the snapcraft.yaml. The .yaml file can be fine locally, but not on the website.

What I did:

  • Convert the .yaml to .json and back.