changes file permissions

We snapped AndroidStudio and published it to store. The upstream build that we download, contains many scripts that are executable, so keeping their permissions is very important for the app to start.

When I build that snap on my computer or remotely on my VPS all those file permissions are kept intact, so the app starts fine BUT a snap built and released through loses all those file permissions, resulting in the app to not start at all.

packaging lives here:

What version of snapcraft are you using locally?

On my computer 2.34 and on my VPS, snapcraft is installed as a snap, so 2.35.

2.34 doesn’t have the fix for zip files not having exec bits set and I see you are extracting a zip. You can set it through use of the install script or wait out for 2.35 to make it to the 16.04 xenial-updates pocket.

But I don’t see the issue on my computer which has 2.34 installed.

On my local computer I was building with the zip file pre-extracted so I was not seeing that issue. On a VPS I had 2.35 so that explains everything.

Who shall I bug to upload snapcraft 2.35 to xenial ? seems its not even uploaded to -proposed yet.

2.35 is in the candiate channel … (use the snap :wink: )

I think does not use the snap currently.

It is pending and archive admin to accept it into xenial-proposed since Thursday.