ARM builds spending hours in queue

Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that armhf and arm64 builds appear to spend hours in “Building soon” purgatory before actually building.

The other architectures build in a few minutes as expected, but for some reason the ARM builds (which are what we actually need…) get stuck.

This morning I waited for a couple of hours for a build of one commit before giving up and submitting a new commit for building. That was about 45 minutes ago. This is the Launchpad page for the armhf build: - currently due to “start in 46 minutes”. A few minutes ago it was due to “start in 30 minutes”, so that’s not looking like a promising trajectory.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Thanks in advance!

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Just wanted to bump this as it’s still an issue and causing us headaches.

A build that I triggered recently is again projected to spend at least 30+ minutes in the queue, specifically for the armhf and arm64 builds.

Should we just accept these waiting times as a fact of life these days, or is it something to look into further?

The Launchpad build farm

All 40 ARM builders are busy… maybe @cjwatson can shed some light on this?

Thanks for pointing me to that link; it’s helpful to have more insight into how the process is structured. I was concerned that was maybe there’s some kind of glitch - aside from builder resource constraints - that’s slowing things down, but looks like it’s just the latter. Interesting that the arm64 runners seem to be under so much more load than the other architectures.

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A certain amount of queueing is to be expected at busy times. Nothing particularly sinister is going on here - just resource constraints.


Just for the record: