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Hi experts,

I’m new in snappy Ubuntu. Today my network had some issues, so the snapcraft was alway saying network error and letting me check the store status in

But i’ve downloaded code in local, so i guess certain online services in store are depended when building a snap, correct ? is there a way to work around this to build locally.

There seems to be a network error: maximum retries exceeded trying to reach the store.

Check your network connection, and check the store status at



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I might be misinterpreting your question, but yes, if you are having networking issues, your snap builds will fail locally. This is because inside the VM or container building your snap, snapcraft would not be able to reach github, for example, to download the repository to compile, or an ubuntu mirror to download dependency packages necessary for staging your snap.

What if i download all of the dependency codes previously? The reason i ask this is i want all codes related to the snap are under control. I don’t hope snapcraft does something silently.

Sorry, I don’t really understand your concern. Have you ever used Maven? Or Docker? Or Vagrant? The paradigm is similar, and it’s a good one.

In our project, the source codes of libraries and tools are all under control, we download source code, compile then use them. In snap world, it seems that snapcraft downloaded all dependencies in binary, such as glibc.

We have ever encountered bugs in common libraries. Previously we can fix code directly, but now it’s likely we have to wait for Canonical 's fix ?