Build a standard web HMI application as a snap

Hello Team,
I’m new in the world of snaps, I’m Automation application engineer , we release newly a new industrial PLC which manage a snaps, so I’m learning,
my first post concerns a web HMI application, i have developped (HTML and JS) which is really simple,
I want to create a snap of this web applicaton and put it in the PLC with its webserver by defining a new port,
I didn’t find it the forum (or maybe didn’t understood),
any one can help me to do that ?
-requirements ?
-snapcraft.yaml configuration.

thanks and let’s start the journey in this new world.


Welcome to the forum and community :slight_smile:

While it isn’t exactly clear what you are asking for help with, I’d like to mention a few points.

  • You will need a webserver if your app doesn’t serve the pages itself. This will need to be configured inside your Snap to serve your files
  • Your Snap needs to include all the libraries and code that your app depends upon, both libraries you created and maintain, and those of third parties, which you build your app around - this is configured in the snapcraft.yaml file
  • You should check out the documentation on creating a Snap file for guidance on creating your first Snap
  • You might want to investigate Canonical’s Brand Store offering which enables you to maintain greater control over your devices and the software update lifecycle. Other forum members will be able to advise if you want to find out more about this…