Browser support with daemon - needing manual review



Our snap ‘codeverse-portal’ is a kiosk web app which runs on dedicated hardware. It’s plugged in behind televisions in schools, and other than the web app itself, users of the hardware don’t have access to the device. We require use of daemon mode with browser-support to allow the app to start at boot, and also for the app to restart automatically if there is a crash.

Our app was reviewed by Jamie Strandboge, who directed me here with the following context: “Use of browser-support interface has traditionally been reserved for vetted publishers or those with a brand store. Since your snap legitimately requires the use of browser-support with daemon, please make a request in the forum using the ‘store’ category”.

We would like to request ‘browser-support with daemon’ please.

Thank you very much.



Is your app part of a brand store or the public store?


Thanks Jamie, it’s in the public store.


Hi everyone.

Please let me know if we can get this approved. We’re running into a few issues which would be immediately solved by this exception, and we would love to get our app updated and rolled out onto our devices.

Thanks, and hope you all have an awesome weekend.