Bricscad snap package

Hello, I have been a basic Linux user for 15 years and I am delighted with these new snap packages. The point is that I use a very specific software called BricsCAD (for CAD drawings) which is very useful to replace AutoCAD and not have to use Windows. I use the 64-bit version 13 whose deb package can be downloaded from this link: BricsCADv13. The problem is that each new version of Ubuntu that I use makes it more difficult for me to install it since many 32-bit dependencies appear without complying.

I would like to know if there is someone who has the necessary knowledge to create a snap package of the version of said program, or if you can tell me where I could make such a request.

Thank you

May be the first place to ask is to developers of BricsCAD… May be they do not know about snap and they can do it.

Snapcrafters can do it also, and then, if the developers ask for it, the snap can be transferred

I went to the site and the app is a paid one (free trial) but I dont think people other than developers can distribute it. Also, they ask for a lot of data for you to download. I think that the best is that you ask the developers to supoort snap format

Hi Alejandro, thanks for your interest. The trial version is free and they allow you to download it only by registering. Once registered you can download any version of the deb package. From this link you can download one of the versions I use the most: BricsCADv13. I had not contemplated the option of contacting the developers directly, I will try again. Thank you very much for your help.

My only concern is “if I snap it, can I distribute it in the store?”

In principle I would say that it could not, however I will try to contact them to ask them since in order to use it you would also need a license. Thank you again for your interest.

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But then the current version is v20. I doubt they’re eager to support/maintain v13 any more, whether by packaging it in a snap or by adapting it to new Linux releases.

Hi Dimitri, true the current version is v20, however v13 was the first to appear on Linux and I know that it is widely used (each person will have the license for one version and Bricsys maintains the deb packages of all versions). However, you could snap the packages of both.