Brave release blocked on manual review due to mpris, please approve


I’m an engineer at Brave and I’d like to request manual approval for the latest Brave browser [0] release 1.51.110 (for x64 [1] and arm64 [2]).

We’ve had the slots:mpris entry in our snapcraft.yaml for 2.5 years [3]. Recently a user submitted a PR [4] to add the missing slots:mpris:interface/name entries needed to make the feature work. We adjusted the name [5] and pushed out a new release.

I figured the old slots:mpris entry meant we had all the needed approvals, but apparently that got flagged anyway.

This functionality is present in other browser snaps.

Please approve our latest release, so users can update.



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Done :slight_smile: - the brave snap is now passing automated review.

Thanks @alexmurray! It looks like the x64 release is unblocked, but not arm64…

Ah thanks for letting me know - I have just rerun the automated review on that revision and it looks to have passed as well. With any luck, future revisions should pass automatically now.