Booting Ubuntu Core without external network

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I am unable to boot Ubuntu Core without having an external network. It requires a network that assigns a IP address eventhough the network might not be connected to the internet.

What I have tried:

a. Configuring the netplan configuration files in /etc/netplan/00-snapd-config.yaml to configure a wireless AP in order to create an access point and assign a IP address to work around this issue.

b. Assigning a static IP address in the same file /etc/netplan/00-snapd-config.yaml .

Is there any work around the booting process requiring an external network?

Thank you in advance,

Hey @jalim
for my understand yes you need an Active Internet Connection on the device, when you like doing on the first default configuration process on a default image.

Because you have to login with your snapcraft account.

Which kind of device are you using?
Did you use a self created Image?

Greets Tony

@tokurz I am using the DragonBoard410c with a Ubuntu Core image(not a custom image)

I am okay with requiring internet connection on the first login. However, I would still like Ubuntu Coreto boot up in case there is no external network available.

Hi @jalim and welcome here :slight_smile:

I think you want the “optional” flag for interfaces; netplan config is where this is defined:

Note that netplan can be used with either a networkd or a network-manager “renderer” (config backend if you want), and only the systemd-networkd one supports “optional” on interfaces. You can use “optional” on wildcards.

Best, -Loïc Minier

Hey @jalim,

hier is my network yaml file where I create by my custom images when i have to use a static address.

I place this file then under:


 version: 2
   addresses: [${IPADDRESS}/24]
   gateway4: ${GATEWAY}
     addresses: [${DNSSERVER}]

Greets Tony

Indeed, now I can boot without a network! @lool @tokurz Thank you for the inputs.

Using systemd-networkd as the renderer, and setting “optional” lets me boot without a network.

However, as setting ap as a “mode” of access-point is not available on systemd-networkd, does this mean that there is no way to configure a wireless accesspoint from netplan?

Using systemd-networkd is not desirable as the wifi-ap snap uses network manager

Thank you in advance,

Hey @jalim,

here some links for wifi ap in netplan:

maybe thats help.