Bootable Ubuntu Core on USB flash drive

Hi, I’m a newbie to Ubuntu Core and Snapcraft. I’m trying to find a way to load Ubuntu Core on a USB flash drive, in order to make it bootable on whatever machine I choose to plug the USB flash drive in.

Is it possible to do that? If the answer is yes, how can I do that?

Thank you in advance

Technically this should only depend on your EEPROM settings, but that said, i doubt anyone ever tested this (perhaps @waveform did when developing the core 22 gadget?)

I’d just simply try it… dd an image to a usb stick, set the pi’s EEPROM to usb booting and try to boot it without SD but with USB plugged in…

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What kind of device do you want to boot it on? Something like an Intel NUC or more like a Raspberry Pi?

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Heh, maciek has a point here … i blindly assumed RPi …

None of them unfortunately… I would like to boot it on industrial PCs (advantech mic-770 for instance). Is it possible?

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Well, thats pretty close to a NUC … just make sure to have the UEFI set to USB booting, then it should just work …

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All right, I’ll try, thank you!