Bluemail not working

I tried to install Bluemail. When I start it, after a long time, the screen appears asking me to enter an email account. But the key I should click on does not respond to the mouse or keyboard. I use Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.3 and, until now, I have never had any problems.

I have this problme ,

Same problem also found in Linux Mint Tricia. Nobody answers? … Is it possible to know if there is a solution or what the problem is?

@maudel A lot of us have been away for an end-of-year break. Mostly back now though.

Have you tried contacting the snap’s publisher about this?

yes, I just sent an email to Bluemail support today representing the problem. I wait for them to answer me

I wonder why, despite the updates and releases of the Bluemail version does not work, the application continues to show itself on the store. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to remove it while waiting for Blix to do it?