Biggest gripe using apps installed via snap

For internet browsers, the download location is always sent somewhere in like a sandbox… I’m not sure if that is intentional but I don’t need another location to have to remember or have to create symbolic links to. If snap can just keep the $HOME directory in one place (/home/$USER), then I am on board and all for snap; otherwise, I’ll pass and keep using apt installed software until it no longer becomes an option and will move on from there. Will Internet Browsers installed via Snap have downloads folder located at /home/$USER/Downloads in the future, is that something that they are working on, or will they continue to have the downloads folder located in a muddled location?

As for the Firefox snap the downloads should already default to be saved in the user’s Downloads folder. If any browser snaps don’t do that already please file a bug against the specific snap packaging.


Just un-installed and re-installed Firefox via snap. Works like it should so that’s one for team Snap. One by one I’ll be sorting through my softwares and over time and I hope to find that they are all directed @ $HOME as the actual home directory. Then I’d be more than happy to make the switch to Snap.