BAUH - manage Linux packages easily from one center: Snap, Flatpak, AUR, AppImage +more

Bauh comes with a management panel for searching, installing, uninstalling, upgrading, downgrading, launching, ignoring updates and retrieving releases history from software packages.

System backup by integrating with Timeshift for simple and safe backup before making system changes. Supports tray mode where it launches attached to system tray and gives notifications on available system updates. Custom themes for customizing the tool’s appearance.

Bauh is developed with Python and Qt5.

*Bauh is in use by default in Manjaro Linux. Can be, of course compiled and used on Debian- -based distributions. Bauh gives Manjaro users indeed a fair deal of flexibility in the software management.

this will likely not be possible to package as a snap because it would need classic confinement, but the rules for granting classic explicitly exclude any kind of package managers …

Ok. Would be amazing if a way to make it possible is found though.