Bash script using sed & awk


I am trying to create a snap package that is based on a bash script but it used many systems tools like sed, awk, tar, OpenSSL, etc

Is there a possibility to create a snap package that executes or allows to execute a bash script that also interacts with different tools like the above mentioned?

Many Thanks

As long as you ship the dependencies (sed, awk…) in your snap, you can use them in the bash script without a problem. See stage-packages in snapcraft.yaml for shipping packages not included in the base snap:

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Thank you I will try it. If you have any example of how to include that I’ll do the rest :slight_smile:

You should have access to many of the core command line utilities from the base snap (core or core18) without having to ship your own copy.

Here’s what the base AppArmor template allows:

So you can assume that awk, sed, and openssl are available.

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Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: