Badges for company association and favicon

I would like to have a little badge or flair that shows I work at the wonderful System76. Any way that we can to do this on Discourse?

Also, we need the little Snapcraft icon to be the favicon IMO. Can we set that up?

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I already see the snapcraft icon as favicon. As for badges I have no idea, @niemeyer can probably set that up if it is supported.

About the badge, I’ll need to research a little more to see if that’s the proper way to organize that sort of concept. There should be some way to do that.

In terms of the favicon, it’s supposed to be there already. This is what I see here: . Are you getting something else?

You are right, I am seeing that. When I shared it showed the Discourse icon, so I made an assumption. I will post it in a social media share and see if the Discourse icon shows up (as the “preview”), perhaps there is another thing that has to be changed.

Thanks for the note. I’ll look into that.

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Here is an example of a share in Slack:

I think how those parts look like is related to the open graph standard:

For example, my blog supports this and when I share a link to a blog post here I get my desired icon (stock but what’s what I selected), title and other things.

There was a “touch icon” configuration that was still set to the default one. This should be fixed now, but caches will probably hold the old one for a while still.

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@ryanleesipes Okay, I think I’ve wired things the proper way. You know have a System76 badge, and a corresponding title shown next to your username.

Please let me know if that’s what you had in mind.

Yes, very cool. Is there a way to put the little logo next to it?

@ryanleesipes You got it. Anybody else here from System76?

Dunno, lemme check on that.