Az and Azcopy Alias for Azure CLI apps

I have created a snap for AzureCLI and AzCopy Applications. Both these applications provide access to Azure Services via CLI. App URL: Install Azure CLI and AZCopy on Linux | Snap Store

Currently, they need to be invoked as and azcli.azcopy.

We need users to be able to invoke these commands as az and azcopy. Hence requesting for az and azcopy aliases for the app.

Hi, Generally, two- and three-letter aliases are not recommended and collide with other existing aliases. In this case azcopy looks fine, +1 from me. but it will be good if you can find an alternative to az alias.


+1 from me as well for granting azcopy alias to the azcli snap since I don’t find any obvious conflict.

As @0xnishit mentioned, we should look for an alternate alias to the az command since its too short.

I was exploring the repositories to understand this app and I would like to confirm if this is an official Azure snap? What’s your relationship with upstream? There are no big issues at all in general, but if this is not an official snap we should make it clear in the snap description to prevent issues.


@emitorino , Thanks for suggestion. I have put a note on Snap description that it’s an un-official distribution of Az and AzCopy Binaries.

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+2 voted for, 0 against. Granting the alias azcopy to azcli. I will make this live when the second alias is chosen and voted for.

@shakeelansari63 Do you have any alternative aliases for az as it couldn’t be granted. If so, please share it so that we can vote for/against it. Then I’ll proceed and make both aliases live. thanks.

Hi @sahnaseredini, I think right alternative to az would azcli can you please grant azcli and azcopy.
Should I update the topic description for voting?

azcli is the name of your snap and you already have access to the command without the need of an alias. in order to set it you can edit the snapcract.yaml file in the app section and replace az with azcli and it should be fine.

azcopy alias for azcli snap is now live. Thanks.

Ahh, yeah. Completely forgot. azcli.azcli will automatically be aliased azcli.
Thanks for azcopy alias. I will update az to azcli