Az alias for azure-cli

I met with the Azure CLI team today and the azure-cli snap (now private) has been transferred to them. I am requesting the az alias for the azure-cli snap on their behalf.

az is not an executable in the Xenial or Bionic archives and az is well documented as the the azure-cli executable.

@popey @evan @jdstrand Please can you review this request promptly because we have a deadline of March 30th to demonstrate a fully functioning snap to get sign-off for release.

+1 from me. Agreed there’s nothing using that name that I can find, and I see the snap in the store is indeed owned by Microsoft.

I hear a very Kindly fellow from the community had reserved the name on their behalf and allowed the transfer very quickly when requested… He’s awesome, you know.


+1 from me as well, I see no negative ramifications here.

+1 from me as well. There is no ‘az’ command in (at least) the Ubuntu archive, so seems no conflicts.

@Wimpress - That said, there are several ‘azure-cli’ snaps in the store. Can you provide the store url for the snap you want the alias for?

@jdstrand The official snap is azure-cli -

Tallying today due to the deadline.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the automatic alias. This is now live.

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Hi all,

Since there’s no official snap anymore, I propose to allow azcli snap to use az command. This snap is supported at least. Snap link - Install Azure CLI and AZCopy on Linux | Snap Store (