Autostart a Snap on Raspi OS


fairly new to the Pi and I am only coding stuff once in a while (like every 10 years with a lot of help from several sources in the www).

I have this 80s driving toy which I wanted to convert to a mobile Outrun arcade. It’s all setup and working but I couldn’t compile the cannonball program (it’s a C++ clone of Outrun) on my Pi4 but found the cannonball snap and installed it instead. Now I have the problem that I want to run it directly after the pi boots. I start the Pi with the key of the toy and booting directly into cannonball would be awesome, as I don’t want to connect mouse and keyboard everytime.

Help me to finish this project please… :slight_smile:

You could set up an auto login account. Maybe combined with frame-it Install frame-it: use Ubuntu Frame on desktop on Linux | Snap Store

Thank you, I am gonna try this.