Automatically revert to devmode for classic snaps on platforms that don't support classic?

Hi all,

Something we were discussing this morning is if it is possible for classic confined snaps to automatically revert to devmode on platforms that do not yet support classic confinement. I’m asking with regard to some Electron snaps that require classic confinement.

Is this possible? Is it a relatively quick win?

These two modes of operations are somewhat orthogonal to each other. In the future, it’s quite probable that we’ll support classic snaps with devmode, to give an idea.

What’s holding actual classic confinement mode back on those platforms?

These classic snaps work fine on Ubuntu and Debian but not on Fedora, hence the request for automatic revert to devmode so Fedora can run the snaps.

Okay, but as I mentioned it’s not just a “revert”. Those are very different modes of operation, which are actually complementary.

If we want to have classic snaps working on Fedora, we should work on exactly that instead.

Fair enough. Do you have any idea where that fits into the priorities and what the ETA might be?

That is one thing I’ve talked with @zyga-snapd about last week. There are a few things we need to change in the picture to allow those systems which don’t have a global /snap directory to use classic confinement.

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I don’t have an estimate. There’s no on going work towards that which I’m aware about.

There’s no concrete plan to get classic confinement improvements in place yet. We’re just interested in doing that. We need to finish improving the mount backend before this task can begin though.

Why do they require classic confinement?

Usually to do with access to the whole file system i.e. editors.

It seems common enough for these kinds of apps that having classic supported cross-distro makes sense. Great that @morphis is looking in to this.

Sure, I understand the use case for classic in general. This forum question was talking about electron in particular and I wanted to understand if classic was being used to work around confinement issues when using browser-support, etc. If this is just ‘editors written in electron’, that’s fine.

@Wimpress - please clarify.

It is that. Editors written in Electron.

For the record, we should solve that soon without resorting to classic snaps.

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