Automatic Joystick Connection for RetroArch

Hi, I got a message from @popey on RetroArch’s snap package repo recommending that we could request clearance/approval to autoconnect the raw-usb and/or joystick plugs for our program, which focuses on gaming and emulation. So far, we have recommended users connect those plugs manually after installation to make use of their joysticks/gamepads, but it would be great if we could remove that additional step.

I am hunterk/hizzlekizzle from the RetroArch/libretro team. Let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns.

EDIT: whoops, I didn’t include the link to our entry at the snap store:

and I didn’t ping the @reviewers group


+1, joysticks for games, especially retro focussed ones make sense!

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+1 to auto-connect the joystick.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection for joystick. This is now live.

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