Automatic connection request for bpytop

The bpytop snap is in use by over 10k users. Currently, the snap requires the following connections to work:

sudo snap connect bpytop:mount-observe

sudo snap connect bpytop:network-control

sudo snap connect bpytop:hardware-observe

sudo snap connect bpytop:system-observe

sudo snap connect bpytop:process-control

Is it possible to get most/all of these automatically connected at install? These connections tend to be a hurdle for many newer users, or users unfamiliar with snaps. There are a number of GH issues that have been opened with the same problem - users not connecting the interfaces.

Snap link. Developer’s GitHub repo.

Maybe not… :frowning:

Thanks for your patience - +1 from me for all of these, except network-control at this stage - as a top-like util I can understand the need for the other interface connections but I need some more help to understand why network-control is required - can you explain how/why bpytop uses network-control specifically (and not perhaps just network-observe). Thanks.

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Well, I’m glad you brought it up. When I first built the snap, the network feature wasn’t working and after some trial and error, reading docs, I got it working with network-control. I just disconnected that interface and started the snap, and the network features seem to be working. We can remove that from the list and I’ll remove that from the snapcraft.yaml for all future builds.

@alexmurray I’ve removed network-control from the yaml and all builds have now omitted it.

Excellent - thanks for investigating that @kz6fittycent - can other @reviewers please vote?

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+1 from me on these connections (excluding network-control).

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of mount-observe, hardware-observe, system-observe and process-control for bpytop. This is now live.

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Thanks @alexmurray and @Igor!