Automatic aliases for dmd snap

The dmd snap currently includes 3 extra commands, namely:

  • rdmd
  • ddemangle
  • dustmite

These are tools and utilities that are typically published alongside DMD in the other official packages available for download from It would therefore be nice to have official aliases for all these commands.

Note that the package itself is an official package on behalf of the D programming language (and it got a very warm welcome when it was announced at DConf 2017 this last Saturday:-)

As a heads-up, there may be extra commands included in future versions of this package, but I’ll address those as they arrive.

Sounds good. These command names seem distinct and unlikely to conflict.

‘demangle’ is a debugging tool for KDE, but this is for ‘ddemangle’. The other two seem fine to me as well, especially as these are coming from an official snap from upstream. +1

Yes, ddemangle is specifically for demangling D programs and is named accordingly.

Two in favor, none against, no abstains. Granting the aliases. They are in effect now.

Great, thanks so much! :slight_smile: