Automatic alias request for valgrind


The valgrind snap I am working on exposes a reasonable few commands which would be nice to have as automatic aliases to match the upstream provided names.

  • valgrind.callgrind-annotate -> callgrind_annotate
  • valgrind.callgrind-control -> callgrind_control
  • -> cg_annotate
  • -> cg_diff
  • -> cg_merge
  • -> ms_print
  • valgrind.valgrind-di-server -> valgrind-di-server
  • valgrind.valgrind-listener -> valgrind-listener
  • valgrind.vgdb -> vgdb

I am not upstream and will be passing this snap on to snapcrafters when it is complete.

+1 for all aliases. These are the same commands as in the deb and therefore expected.

@alexmurray, @popey, @sergiusens, @roadmr - can one/all of you vote on these aliases?

+1 from me too for all aliases

I’m +1 on this also.

3 votes for, 0 against. I’ll grant the auto-aliases but @ralight - there are two snaps, valgrind and valgrind-ralight, from you in the store and I’m not sure which this request if for. Can you confirm (also for your classic confinement request).

@jdstrand sorry for the confusion, it is the “valgrind” snap for both requests.

No worries. Granted. This is now live.

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