Automatic alias for bluez snap (btmgmt command)

Hey, I would like to request adding an alias for the bluez snap. Namely for the btmgmt command that is exposed by the snap since v5.44-3 (now in candidate) - revisions 124,129,123,126.

The rationale is that this is an official tool to manipulate the Bluetooth controller much like hcitool but using mgmt sockets.


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What about all the other tools shipped in the bluez snap …

ogra@localhost:~$ ls /snap/bin/bluez.*
/snap/bin/bluez.bluetoothctl  /snap/bin/bluez.hciattach  /snap/bin/bluez.hcidump  /snap/bin/bluez.obexctl
/snap/bin/bluez.btmon         /snap/bin/bluez.hciconfig  /snap/bin/bluez.hcitool  /snap/bin/bluez.sdptool

given this is an official snap i think all of them should be aliased by default…

Most of them are, but yeah we could have them all.

Is this an official request? +1 for btmgmt, it comes from the bluez deb so the alias makes sense for the snap.

How do we mark this as an official request? Is there some kind of template form people can use to make it looking like an official request?

I know about that post but was curious what the official format for such a post is as @jdstrand asked if this is an official request. Maybe if something like this doesn’t exist we should create something where we have predefined sections like for SRUs ( so that we have all necessary information with the first post.

The btmgmt one was official and I voted on it.

Then someone said “hey, you should ask for all of them” and the response was “Most of them are, but yeah we could have them all.”

The “could” was unclear. Please list all the commands you want aliases for in addition to btmgmt that don’t already have aliases.

Opps, sorry, that was my fault then …

Ah sorry, my misunderstanding then.

However a template for these requests would be still nice :slight_smile:

Well, the URL @sparkiegeek referenced in essence does:


  • a requester creates a forum post with the ‘store’ category and makes case for change. To disambiguate snaps, the requester should either give the store URL for the snap or give the name and publisher of the snap. Voting period starts at time of request

… "

Basically, make your request, justify it and give enough info to know what snap in the store we are talking about. :slight_smile:

@morphis - If you feel this should be more clear, can you write up some example text and I’ll update the post?

It still isn’t clear to me what is being requested here. Are you requesting just btmgmt or have you expanded to include everything? If the latter, can you provide details on the additional commands?

Please comment on what you want. At this point no votes are cast because people don’t have enough information to vote and the request is stalled.

Please ignore my comment from above, @koza is the bluez maintainer, the original request is mandatory … btmgmt is the only desired alias at this time.

I want alias for btmgmt command. The snap is already in stable.

+1 for btmgmt. This request spun out but @koza is only requesting btmgmt. Issuing a 3 day extension to the voting period. @niemeyer, @ratliff , @roadmr - can one/all of you vote on whether or not to grant the auto-alias request for btmgmt to the bluez snap?

@niemeyer, @ratliff , @roadmr - ping. @ev, @natalia, @tyhicks - can one/all of you vote on whether or not to grant the auto-alias request for btmgmt to the bluez snap?

+1 on btmgmt too. Seems uncontroversial.

Apologies for the delay.

2 votes for, 0 against for alias for btmgmt command. Granting auto alias. This is now live.