Automated review task is failing

for fwupd #1280, it’s showing automated review failing, but it seems like it’s not even running.

“Task 99a3281a-a5aa-4e50-87e2-7c28c4de3df8 failed.”

This made status “Manual review pending”, but there is no button to actually review it, just a reject button.

I believe this is caused by how Launchpad presents the case where a pushed snap is held for manual review. Though, I think @chipaca might have a better idea of what could be causing this issue.

Nope, not me, maybe somebody from @store can help.

Tasks are usually retried a few times but if all retries fail, then it ends up in this state (I gave up, sorry).

This was caused by some saturation store-side earlier today and has since been resolved.

I’ve kicked off the auto-review again and things are now either published or ready to publish.

That’s because only reviewers can review :slight_smile:

Do feel free to poke us in the store-requests category if this happens again, though it shouldn’t, unless it does :slight_smile:

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