Autoconnection request for plexmediaserver

We plan to launch plexmediaserver today. Plexmediaserver is a server product which indexes and transcodes media files, serving them up to compatible browsers and apps on various platforms.

It’s live in the store but private. The goal is to make it public at 3 pm UK time. Unfortunately it’s been late landing in the store. It was uploaded late last night after some significant hand-holding on our part. The snap has four interfaces of which I’d like to request autoconnection for these three:

  • plexmediaserver:system-observe - to provide access to identify the host OS for upstream metrics purposes
  • plexmediaserver:removable-media - to provide access to external storage systems, on which many people keep their media.
  • plexmediaserver:home-all - enables access to media across multiple home directories as plex is often used by one user, who wishes to share media from multiple users

Doing this in the sensitive category because we don’t want to spoil the big reveal at 3pm. Thanks.

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+1 for all of them

with @popey’s implied vote, 2 votes for, 0 against. This is now live.


Thank you!

is this topic going non-sensitive after the release?

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