Autoconnect request steam:network-control

Native games that use QtWebEngineProcess crash without the network-control interface connected. We’d like to request auto-connect for network-control in the steam snap.

network-control seems a bit heavy-handed for something like steam IMO - I wonder if instead network or network-observe or similar should be updated for whatever is causing this crash.

Any chance you can provide more details on the crash since I expect this would affect similar Qt based applications? Thanks.

This is the denial:

= Seccomp = Time: Mar 10 13:19:59 Log: auid=1001 uid=1001 gid=1001 ses=6 subj=? pid=131116 comm=“QtWebEngineProc” exe=2F686F6D652F6B656E2F736E61702F737465616D2F636F6D6D6F6E2F2E6C6F63616C2F73686172652F537465616D2F737465616D617070732F636F6D6D6F6E2F536964204D65696572277320436976696C697A6174696F6E2056492F47616D6547756964652F6C6962657865632F5174576562456E67696E6550726F63657373 sig=0 arch=c000003e 272(unshare) compat=0 ip=0x7fd8c32f6a3d code=0x50000 Syscall: unshare Suggestion:

  • add ‘network-control’ to ‘plugs’

@alexmurray how would you feel about us adding unshare syscall to the steam-support interface?

This feels more appropriate IMO - do you know what argument is being used with unshare since ideally we would scope it to just that (I am guessing it is CLONE_NEWNET but it would be useful to keep this as strict as possible).