Autoconnect request for snap vnctalk

Hi All,

the snap vnctalk ( Install VNCtalk on Linux | Snap Store ) is a chat application that also includes audio and video calls.

This is the official snap distribution - provided by VNC AG. You can find the link to our homepage at the snap listing page.

It is built using electron-builder and the definition for connections (plugs) is:

  "snap": {
    "plugs": ["desktop", "desktop-legacy", "home", "x11", "wayland", "unity7", "browser-support", "network", "gsettings", "audio-playback", "pulseaudio", "opengl", "camera"]

( for reference: )

As such it requires connections to ‘camera’ and ‘pulseaudio’. Connecting to these 2 manually works fine, however - this is rather inconvenient for users.

So this is the request to allow auto-connect camera and pulseaudio.

Thanks in advance for your review and votes,

Stefan Sänger VNC AG

The pulseaudio interface has been deprecated since a while, you should use audio-playback and audio-record instead (they provide the same functionality as pulseaudio but give the user more control)

thx. I’ll change that right away…

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It makes sense for the application to auto-connect to camera and audio-playback and users could expect this to be connected by default.

Therefore, +1 from me for auto-connecting camera and I believe audio-playback should be auto-connected by default (

Since this a chat application, +1 from me as well for auto-connect camera and audio-record to vnctalk.

@cav audio-playback is auto-connected by default, so we don’t need to vote for it. I am assuming you will be +1 with audio-record so I have just proceeded with granting the declaration. Let me know if you see any issue.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.

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