Autoconnect request for snap-refresh-control interface for sge-ifpr


This is a request to get the ‘snap-refresh-control’ interface auto-connected for the sge-ifpr snap.

Due to the multi-host nature of a production sge-ifpr installation, upgrades need coordination across nodes to ensure the cluster remains functional and compatible with database api. To achieve this, sge-ifpr would need to be aware of upgrades availability and control when they are performed on each node.

Would it be possible to get this interface auto-connected?


Hey @infobartz,

This request sounds reasonable to me, but just in case, did you check the current support for snap refresh at Refresh control?

Yes, I checked and it wont be a problem.

Hey @infobartz,

Does this mean we can close this request?


I just tried to submit a new snap version with snap-refresh-control plug (in order to have control to call snapctl refresh --proceed from my snap. After submitting, I received the message “human review required due to ‘allow-installation’”. It was reviewed in the past, but was rejected. The reviewer said I should ask to enable this in this forum. So this is what I’m doing now. Am I doing this wrong?

+1 from me to grant the use of snap-refresh-control for sge-ifpr - this is required to allow the snap to coordinate refreshes across multiple machines in a cluster, which is one of the primary use-cases for this interface.

+1 for me too for use of snap-refresh-control, to allow controlled/coordinated updates to the snap across instances.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of snap-refresh-control for sge-ifpr. This is now live.