Autoconnect Request For MPV

Hey there MPV Being a media player should ideally have auto-connect for removable-media as its expected by its users, i have also been nudged by users to pursue this through bug reports, hence can an auto-connect for removable-media be considered for MPV Snap ?


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Given the criteria on the Process for auto-connections page, I think it seems reasonable for mpv to have an auto-connect for removable-media as it is a media player, so +1 from me.

At the completion of the voting period (assuming successful), publisher vetting will be required though.

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+1 from me as well for auto-connect removable-media to mpv since as it is explained, media players are granted this exception.

Since this requires publisher vetting, @Igor can you please perform it?


@SamAlex Are you the upstream MPV developer by any chance?

Nope, the snap is a 3rd party package as of now with no connections with upstream in any way

Could you get them involved please to see whether they would be interested in owning it, or if they are ok with you being the maintainer, since we need that for vetting.

Hey there, the upstream has a policy of no official binaries and they have no objection either on me maintaining the snap.


+1 from me, I have verified this request.

+1 from me who reported the bug. Please let it work ootb.

+3 votes for and vetting completed. Granting auto-connect of removable-media for MPV. This is now live.