Autoconnect request for gnome-46-2404

The Ubuntu Desktop team has created the gnome-46-2404 snap which provides supported libraries needed for GNOME 46 apps via a content interface. This snap is the supported means for building GNOME 46 snaps on a core24 base, just like gnome-42-2204 was for GNOME 42. We would like a snap declaration to auto-connect this interface.

default-provider: gnome-46-2404

I would also like to request transfer this snap to Canonical.

Thanks for your consideration

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+1 to auto-connect to content interface in this case as both the snaps are from the same publishers (once ownership is transferred to Canonical)


I think this is a request for global auto-connect - can you confirm @kenvandine ?

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@verterok can you please help with this transfer request?

Yes, global auto-connect just like past gnome content snaps.

Snap transferred to the requested account. Enjoy!


Could we please also transfer gnome-46-2404-sdk to canonical? Sorry I forgot that in the original request, this is the build snap that is used along with the content snap.


gnome-46-2404-sdk transferred to canonical account.