Autoconnect request for fractal:password-manager-service

I would like to request autoconnection of password-manager-service for the fractal snap.

Fractal is a matrix chat client and requires access to the user’s keyring to store secrets. The app isn’t really functional without that access.

Thanks for your consideration

The standard guidance when snaps request auto-connection to the password-manager-service is as follows:

When connecting the password-manager-service, your snap is able to access all stored secrets, but also your snap’s secrets can be accessed by any other applications with access to the service (including snaps which also have the password-manager-service connected). Since this may not be desirable or obvious to users, in general, we discourage auto-connection of password-manager-service and instead suggest that applications using this interface detect its availability (eg, with snap is-connected password-manager-service) and show a dialog with instructions on how to connect the interface manually (eg, with snap connect, the snap store GUI, etc). Ideally when instructing the user, the details of the access will be explained so the user can make an informed choice. While this is an extra step for the user, if done well the process should provide additional trust that your snap and the system as a whole are working together to keep the user’s passwords secure. Alternatively, the snap may choose to store the secrets outside the keyring in an area private to the snap. -1 to auto-connect.

As such, -1 to auto-connect from me. However, whilst I am here, I figured I would ask if you know what the progress may be towards something like a Portal for the SecretService DBus API, or at least a private per-snap backend for this API?

@kenvandine I agree with @alexmurray on this.

The user voice is very important in this case, due to the sensitive nature of such access if granted. I am -1 then for auto-connect password-manager-service to fractal.

0 votes for, +2 votes against, not granting auto-connection of password-manager-service to fractal.