Autoconnect request for celluloid

Hey there similar to Autoconnect Request For MPV i want to seek autoconnect request for removable media for celluloid, its a media player and users would expect access to removable-media OOTB.

Hence please initiate this request.

Do note;

Celluloid Snap is recognised by upstream as a acknowledged way of application distribution. See : &

Snap Manifest;

Thank you.

Even if removable-media may bring some privacy concerns, it is expected for a media player to access it (as it has already been discussed many times for other media players). For consistency and especially considering that it has been recognized by upstream, +1 from me to grant celluloid auto-connection to removable-media.

At the completion of the voting period (assuming successful), publisher vetting will be required though.

Unless I’m mistaken Celluloid is the new name for MPV, so definitely +1 from me.

Celluloid is a simple gtk interface for mpv with some batteries, both are different apps in themselves. :upside_down_face:

Celluloid uses portals, simply forcing use of portals will do the job. Just add this in your apps part

      GDK_DEBUG: portals

Because celluloid is still using gtk_file_chooser_native as the given code above shows, this issue is persistent. When they move to the new gtk_file_dialog even this will also not be necessary. This will work in any averagely modern distro like Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Same thing is done with gnome-text-editor also.

This is a very old already discussed issue

As you @SamAlex you can see here, I can access files from /mnt using your celluloid snap itself.

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Hey @soumyaDghosh thanks for letting me know, on Jammy, trying to run celluloid with

GDK_DEBUG=portals celluloid

Doesn’t let me access my memory card slot, located at /media/xyz.

Even if the above work i would just prefer a foolproof solution as i believe older versions of portals may not give the expected result (correct if am wrong ?) also the snap is being used in devices of Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04 and i think its great to maintain backward compatibility as these versions (16-22) doesn’t have libs needed to compile newer versions of celluloid , hence PPAs are also stuck at older versions of the app for them.

Hence i will want to proceed with this request regardless of the fact the above work or not, for discussion a new topic should be preferred as this post will become cluttersome.

@Igor can we please do the publisher vetting for this snap


Is publisher vetting required despite the fact that the snap is endorsed by the upstream ?

Yes it is required. Just to be 100% clear, can you please point out to the official homepage for the upstream project?

I get it ,I mentioned the needed link in the initial request phase, its here ;


Ping @review-team , Any Updates on this ?