Autoconnect request for arp-scanner

arp-scanner is an IP scanner that uses ARP requests to find active devices in the local network. To work on Linux, the application needs access to /proc/net/arp.

Therefore, I’d like to request autoconnect for the network-control plug.
Without access to /proc/net/arp the program is useless, requiring every user to connect this connector manually.

GH Repository:

Hi @Stone_Red,

If the snap is meant to just fetch and display the arp info, then I think network-observe interface should suffice the purpose here. Let me know if you have already tried the network-observe interface and faced any error


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HI @0xnishit, seems like you are correct, network-observe is sufficient for my use case. I updated the manifest and the builds.

+1 from me for auto-connect network-observe to arp-scanner so it can find active devices in the local network.

+1 from me for network-observe autoconnect to this snap.

+1 from me for auto-connect of network-observe interface for arp-scanner snap. Thanks.

+3 for, 0 against. Fast-tracking this request. Granting auto-connect of network-observe interface to arp-scanner snap. This is now live


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