Autoconnect request for afm-camp


is a lamp like stack using apache/maria/php. It is designed to allow a simple web server and a content interface to serve up the user website. An example snap, afm-web is also available to demonstrate the functionality.

Would like to have auto connected: network network-bind

to allow maria to configure properly during the configuration step of the install.

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Both network and network-bind are auto-connected by default. As such, I don’t think there is anything required here.

Well that throws that theory out the window. I can install this with --devmode without issue but straight confined it hangs on the mariadb config. I will have to try and dig into it more.

thanks, -Dan

Hi @milligan22963,

Could you solve the mariadb config issues?

If you run snap snap connections afm-camp you can see both ifaces auto-connected.

Still poking away at getting the configuration addressed. I have learned a bit and was able to generate more data to go on. Hopefully soon.

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Hi @milligan22963 glad to hear you are making progress.

Since it seems the auto connection request is solved (i.e. both are already auto connected) I am removing this request from our review queue. Feel free to write here again if you have any further question/request. Thanks!