Autoconnect `network-observe` for proxyproxy

proxyproxy (snap name “proxyproxy” by publisher “unprofessional”) is a tool that runs locally and serves as a http/https proxy. It monitors networks connections and reroutes your traffic directly to the requested endpoint or a corporate proxy depending on the network/subnet the machine is attached to. It’s purpose is to facilitate the handling of various corporate proxy configurations.

In order to work as expected with confinement: strict the following plugs must be auto-connected:

  • network
  • network-bind
  • network-observe

network-observe is not auto-connected by default and is therefor requested.

network and network-bind are already autoconnected. What specifically is needed from network-observe? Is the code for proxyproxy hosted somewhere?

Sure, the source can be found here:

As mentioned proxyproxy watched for changens on the network interfaces (eg. new IP’s) and configures itself to use a certain http(s) proxy if needed.

network-observe is vital for the core functionality of the software.

All code related can be found here:

+1 from me, for this to operate seamlessly as expected.

Nice application idea too!

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Having taken a quick look at the source I am :+1: for granting auto-connect to network-observe. However, I also noticed the app has the following path for configuration: /etc/proxyproxy/config.yaml, does your snap accommodate that?

Yes, in order to avoid violating the default constraints if the strict confinement too much the snap uses a /var/snap/... as config path:

+1 for auto-connecting network-observe.

3 votes for, 0 against auto-connecting network-observe. This is now live.