Autoconnect hardware-observe for ubuntu-frame snap

This is an autoconnect request for interface hardware-observe for the ubuntu-frame snap.

This follows a suggestion from field engineering to address large numbers of “DENIED” messages logged (when libinput scans udev).

Source for the snap:

Thanks, Alan

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There’s a related discussion elsewhere on the forum:

+1 from me - hardware-observe is relatively innocuous and allows the snap to function more cleanly in this case.

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@reviewers: any more votes?

+1 from me, this would definitely improve the ootb functionality.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect hardware-observe to ubuntu-frame and then get a cleaner logging. +3 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.

@alan_g I granted hardware-observe although ubuntu-frame is not yet plugging it. Let me know if you experience any issue when you add it.


@emitorino thanks.

The beta channel currently plugs this interface - we have been waiting for it to be granted before promoting this and posting a CfT.

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