Autoconnect and manual verification request for omniscope-evo

Hello all, Hope my message and requests as newbie on Snapcraft make total sense. I have submitted my first snap of omniscope-evo, and to have it working I had to use the “personal-files” interface and create 2 plugs for these reasons:

  1. the app is a Java web app, and it stores/reads user preferences to/from the typical ~/.java/.userPrefs folder.

  2. the app stores settings, libraries, db drivers, and other working files in the ~/.visokioappdata .

    plugs: dot-visokioappdata: interface: personal-files read: [$HOME/.visokioappdata] write: [$HOME/.visokioappdata] dot-java-dot-userprefs: interface: personal-files read: [$HOME/.java/.userPrefs] write: [$HOME/.java/.userPrefs]

Happy to explain in more detail to clarify the request

Thanks and regards Antonio

Snap’s run with their own private $HOME set to ~/snap/<snap-name>/<revision>/ - would it be possible to store this data under this path instead? Then there would be no need for personal-files to store it under the real ~/.java/.userPrefs etc (this would then become ~/snap/omniscope-evo/<rev>/.java/.userPrefs)

Hello Alex, thanks for your swift reply. I have set a few JVM params to customise the paths as per Java doc , using the $SNAP_USER_COMMON env variable All good, no personal-files needed any more. Thanks again, I’ll resubmit the snap.

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Excellent - thanks, I will remove this request from our queue.