Autobuild snap with gnome-3-38

I want to use the build feature of the snap store, where the repository is linked and the code is automatically built.
However the build always fails because the gnome-3-38 extension is used.
Is there a way to get it working by enabling the required flag for all of the build?
Or do I have to wait until gnome-3-38 is considered stable enough so that the flag is no longer required?

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until it is marked stable and available on the Snapcraft channel.

I think the work has been complete except removing the flag, but I may be wrong. @kenvandine ?

Pretty sure I remember @sergiusens saying it would hit stable last week :wink:

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I looked through the repo and found out that the extension is in deed marked as stable however that was 3 days after the last release. So the next point release will have a stable gnome-3-38 extension.