Auto updates are not very user friendly

We are getting complaints about auto updates, or lack thereof.

Is there a better way. I too have this feeling. If I get a notification from a snap saying it wants to update. I personally expect it to update after I close the app, so I can continue using it after the update. Not the current method here user intervention is required ( snap refresh ) or wait ? amount of time for it to do it for them.

Thoughts? Scarlett

Check out the first para of this recent blog -->

I think they are working on it and maybe newer snapd version has the fix for this Thing ?? also the fix for this the issue is one of the main highlights for Ubuntu 23.04 release -->

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Looking at the linked forum post, it’s from June 2022. As Sam has mentioned, the behaviour has changed very recently in snapd 2.59 and should work how the poster expects now, provided users are indeed on snapd 2.59, which released to stable this month.

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Well KDE neon is on jammy, so unlikely that we have newest snapd. Great to hear that it is fixed! Cheers, Scarlett

This isnt true, snap unlike flatpak etc. can be updated to latest from the snap-store itself , you may ask the user to check whether snapd daemon is installed from snap-store (sudo snap install snapd) , its usually pre-installed in ubuntu 22.04 and its derivatives like Neon, unless some mods by maintainer i am too on Lubuntu 22.04.2 and using snapd 2.59, plus canonical too ships updated snapd version through apt repos i believe its currently on 2.58 etc. and maybe they will supply 2.59 too but it may be slow, so i highly recommend using latest snapd from snap-store.

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I have made the Neon team aware of the great news. Hopefully we can get snapd updated in neon. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Scarlett