Auto-refresh behaviour when Firefox is closed

Hi all,

I have an issue with the auto-refresh functionality for Firefox on multiple machines. Important to state and different from other topics: this is not an issue due to a in parallel opened Firefox application. Other snaps auto-refresh behaviour is ok.

What happens:

After a fresh boot, snapd is looking for some update and not updating Firefox although snap refresh --list shows the existing update.

I know about phased updates but this behaviour happens for a couple of days until I manually refresh Firefox.

I checked the journal and found, before the actual auto refresh happens, some lines which tell for the storehelper the following:

`storehelper.go:773: cannot refresh: snap has no updates available: **list of snaps but without firefox**`

When the actual auto-refresh happens, the list of snaps includes Firefox. Nevertheless the update is not done.

Any hints what’s going on here? Phased updates should not delay the update for a couple of days / weeks, therefore I don’t think that this issue is related to phased updates.

Do you have similar experiences?

Thank you for any hints fixing this issue.

I experience the same issue and I suspect it may still be related to the throttling mechanism that is specific to firefox updates, as described in comment #21 of this bug report:

Perhaps this issue only affects a small number of users, but since there are obvious security implications for delayed browser updates I hope this bug will be resolved sooner rather than later. Until then, I make sure to manually close and refresh firefox at least once a week.

@hvbakel: Thank you for the reply.

This means you also experience this issue also when Firefox is closed after a fresh boot of your PC?

According to your posted link, the issue mainly happens when FF is open and in parallel a auto-refresh is performed (at least as far as I understood).

I can btw confirm by checking systemctl status that no Firefox “leftover” is running - which should anyhow not be the case after a fresh boot.

I fully agree to your remark regarding the security implications.

Anyone else having issues or ideas?