Auto-connections request of camera and audio-record to signal-desktop

signal-desktop is an unofficial snap of the official Signal desktop client. The snap is maintained and published by Snapcrafters.

Signal is a privacy-focused messaging application which also supports voice and video messages and voice and video calling. Voice and video calls/messages are a core feature of the app, even showing up on the Google blurb about the app and on the Signal front page.

Signal is often compared to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, which have similar feature sets in terms of voice and video calls and messages. As such, users expect voice and video messages and calls to work without any issue.

For this reason I request to auto-connect signal-desktop to the audio-record and camera interfaces.

Note: User choice is preserved by the app itself; Users can turn their webcam and microphone on and off within the app.

+1 to auto-connect both audio-record and camera. It is core and expected functionality of the app.

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+1 from me too, these are core functions for this snap.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live.

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