Auto-connection requests for pluto snap

Greetings Store/Security team! I hope you are well!

I recently created the snap pluto and to publish it to the Snap Store I need the custom plug dot-local-share-juju and the ssh-public-keys interfaces approved for auto-connection. Pluto is a proof-of-concept CLI application for deploying Ubuntu-based High-Performance Computing clusters using Juju, and it is developed by the HPC team (me specifically) at Canonical. The source code can be audited here. Here’s why I need the dot-local-share-juju and the ssh-public-keys interfaces auto-connected:


This interface needs to be approved/auto-connected because Pluto is a wraps around Juju to deploy HPC-specific charms published to Charmhub. Pluto needs the dot-local-share-juju (custom personal-files plug) so it can read/write to the configuration files of a pre-existing Juju installation. It connects to an already configured Juju controller to create a “microhpc” model and deploy the HPC charms there. Without this interface, pluto cannot communicate with the established controller.


This interface needs to be auto-connected because pluto needs public ssh keys so it can execute commands on the deployed HPC charms. It uses these keys to provision a minimal NFS server and set up the home directory for a user located inside an LDAP database. Without access to the public ssh keys, pluto cannot contact these units via ssh to do further provisioning.

Please let me know if you all require further information/justification from me for why I need these interfaces auto-connected/granted!

Side note: how do I go about getting snap ownership transferred to the Canonical namespace on the Snap Store? I also have a juju-bin plug that needs to be connected to the Juju snap so that pluto can access the Juju binaries.

Apologies this issue has not had a response. As the snap uses Juju under the hood, it makes sense that it would need the same accesses as juju itself, including read/write access to juju’s config. +1 from me for auto-connect of a personal-files plug named dot-local-share-juju for write access to ~/.local/share/juju. Similarly, +1 from me for auto-connect of ssh-public-keys as this is part of the standard use-case for this snap.

Regarding snap ownership transfer to Canonical - @roadmr should hopefully be able to advise on that.

Hi @nuccitheboss. Yes, I agree with Alex on this one (and echo his apology on the time to come to this). +1 for auto-connecting personal-files dir dot-local-share-juju (write access) and ssh-public-keys. Both seem very reasonable for this snap.

2 votes for, 0 against: Granting pluto auto-connect for ssh-public-keys and personal-files dot-local-share-juju. This is now live.